Skills Show 2015 : Review

The Skills show is a massive careers show at the NEC, it has over 70,000 + people visiting and boy it’s busy. It covers everything from hairdressing, welding, fitness to joining the army.

The O2 / NSPCC / The Lab had a awesome display and we stayed pretty busy throughout.  The LEGO displays went down like a bomb!

2015-11-18 16.54.52

Got to have a chat with VEX UK and Studica Ltd (who do Tetrix and Fischertechnik).  It was really nice seeing all the different types of robotics platforms for kids to learn on.  

I loved the fact that Forensic Science was next to the butcher area.

2015-11-20 08.22.22

Great event to take the kids to!


Lejos 0.9.1 released!

Back in the day of NXT’s etc, I spent most of my time programming the pBrick in RobotC, being a iOS developer(ObjectiveC), it felt right for me. However Lejos always kept popping up with some awesome features.  Move forward to today and the EV3, for my needs (Mobile connectivity, vision processing) Lejos is the clear winning platform to take your EV3 to the next level.  I find it a lot easier now especially since I do Android development as Lejos is in Java.

Lejos 0.9.1 brings some super exciting features to the table, but don’t take my word for it, please check out Lejos 0.9.1 

2 way communication between Lejos and Android : Work in progress

So, one of the big requirements I need from a programming language for the EV3 is to be able to talk to a mobile device.  With the EV3 being newer, less options seem to be available.

I have started work on some Lejos samples to demo 2 way communication via sockets to an Android device.  The current work in progress can be found on Github 

Watch this space!

VEX Robotics

So I have been very lucky and been sent some VEX IQ Robotics sets including the HEXBUG 4-1 Set to have a play with.  Here are a couple of videos I have done on VEX

I have really enjoyed messing around with VEX and hope to continue using it.  I have plans to do my usual and build something huge using VEX IQ and compare it to LEGO MINDSTORMS.  It will be very interesting to see how it compares.